The Director of Local Rentals wanted me to thank you for the great job with the flyer delivery – they have been receiving enquiries, which is a sign flyers were received.

In the past they also had someone else distribute flyers to Manor Lakes & Wyndham Green. However, it appeared these weren’t actually delivered, as they did not receive one enquiry. Thank you

Michelle - Local Rentals

Response was great had the busiest week on record, then second busiest week straight after

Al McHut - Al’s Place Pizza

I’ve been dealing with Letterbox Distributors for a number of years with great success. I find them very approachable and I get heaps of leads when they drop my flyers.

I would thoroughly recommend Letterbox Distributors to any potential client as a very professional letterbox distribution service.

Paul Eldridge - Action Potential

Hi Guys

I just wanted to say fantastic job, on the printing, and distribution. We had a great response to the drop, and will be doing another one asap.”

“Thanks for following this. Fantastic service and attention to detail. Looking forward to our next distribution with you later in the year.”


Cliff Butler - Registered Osteopath

We’ve been clients of Letterbox Distributors for over 3 years. Our utmost gratitude goes out for the team at Letterbox Distributors because not only do they keep business flooding in through our telephone lines, they are fast, professional and quite obviously care that our business is doing well.

Whenever we want to increase the promotion, change the area or make some other arrangement, They get onto it immediately and thus provides us with a service that matches our exact needs every single week.

Thank you Letterbox Distributors, you are a pleasure to work with and are helping us immensely to flourish and prosper. We would gladly recommend you to anyone.

The calls in have been great over the past week or two. Thanks a lot!!!”

Warmest regards,

Jaquie :D - Taffe's Window & Gutter Cleaning

Hope you are well. Everyone has agreed the letterbox drop was valuable.”


Sophie Keath - Marketing & PR Executive

The back storeroom at our sock factory was overflowing with samples and seconds so we planned a clearance sale. A flier was produced and Letterbox Distributors arranged its delivery to houses within a 3km radius of the factory. Many people who came to the sale mentioned they had come because they had received the flier, so there is no doubt the efficient distribution of fliers contributed greatly to the success of our sale.

Dennis - Humphrey Law

Thanks for the great job you guys did with the letterbox drop. We were really busy and our restaurant was full on a Wednesday night immediately following the distribution. We were really happy with the service. You have been very efficient and easy to deal with.”

Thanks heaps

Domenic - Casa Di Tutti

Great job mate thank you very much”

Kind Regards,

Brad Haber - Top Lock