Letterbox Top 10 Reasons....

90% The percentage of consumers that value addressed and non-addressed mail above social media. (Print Power, 2012).

Letterbox Distribution Reaches 18.3 Million Australians 5 days a week (ACA, 2014)

1. Picky, picky, picky

Using geo-marketing, companies can pick and choose which demographic they seek, gathering vital data along the way. With this data, campaigns can become more and more sophisticated.

2. Reaching the millions

Letterbox is the only truly national mass media available to marketers, with a satisfying 100% reach. Despite the advances in other media, letterbox is still the only way of delivering a document into the hands of millions of Australian households.

3. I want to be noticed

When competing for real estate for example, dealing with an overwhelming email inbox or other screen time distractions, it can be difficult for your brand to stand-out from the crowd. The FMCG market utilise the letterbox channel for ‘sampling’ campaigns with new or relaunched product samples being distributed with great success. In a noisy digital world, the less cluttered letterbox is now a point of difference.

4. Better bang for your buck

Other channels - TV, radio and outdoor advertising can be too expensive for SMEs, they can be difficult to organise without marketing personnel and are not viewed, heard or read nearly as much as the advertising found in the one place we look every single day - our letterbox.


reaches over 18.3 millionAustralians, five days a week. (ACA, 2014).

5. Follow the trend

Top Australian retailers invest more in their letterbox distributions than any other media. Why? Because letterbox advertising is highly targeted, extremely affordable, and it makes the cash register ring.

6. Smart spending

Letterbox advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach Australian homes. Small campaigns offer test spots with letterbox advertising to 10,000 homes  or up to 18.3 million homes Australia wide for less than $0.19 per unit

7. Streamlining the workflow

Letterbox distributors offer retailers streamlined integration for processing, reducing marketing workflow by 65%, delivering 42% cost reduction in the content to delivery process and increasing speed to market by more than 50% (DMarketer, 2013).

8. Birds of a featherflock together

Letterbox can understand in great detail your current customers and then find areas where more like for like customers live. A message can then be delivered directly to their home.

9. It’s an ideas box

Letterbox media engages consumers with products they may not normally think of. 46% of Australians consider buying something featured after reading letterbox media.

10. Two for the price of one

Letterbox media generates additional benefits for advertisers. 22% of people tell their family about it, 24% visit a website, 44% visit a branch or store and 24% keep for later reference.

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