Targeted Distributions

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Target Your Distribution

Do you know what the most important factor is in a distribution leaflet?

Targeting your market correctly. There is no point in you wasting money advertising your business to people who are too far away from your area of work.

The solution?

Our computerised mapping techniques enables us to target each client’s individual market, using a wide range of criteria including:

  • Main Road Boundaries
  • Post Codes
  • Suburbs
  • Municipalities
  • Statistical Areas

Example #1: Pizza Shop

This is perfect for a business with a very small target market of local customers. A pizza shop, for example, may offer delivery to anywhere within two postcodes and wants to advertise as such.

Example #2: Garden Maintenance Business

What about if you run a Garden Maintenance Business? You want your advertising material to go to people in the surrounding suburbs where it is easy for you to reach and move from garden to garden.