Did Digital Marketing Kill Junk Mail?

Jan 28, 2018
Did Digital Marketing Kill Junk Mail?

Video may have killed the radio star, but digital certainly hasn’t killed flyers! Junk mail as it is fondly called gets a bad rap, but it is unfounded. Roy Morgan research shows that 70% of Australian’s actively read their junk mail.

The Direct Marketing Association found that direct mail response rates are anywhere between 10-30 times higher than email response rates. One of the reasons for this could be the ‘clutter factor’. Email inboxes are so cluttered that it not longer gets the marketing cut through that some of the more traditional methods can achieve.

As humans we are programmed to handle tangible objects as part of the human experience. With 60% of research respondents acknowledge that handling it made a more lasting impression on them that allowed them to recall it more easily.

A study sponsored by the US Post Offices showed that when exposed to a physical ad over a digital one they experienced heightened excitement as well as a greater subjective valuation and desirability for the items advertised.

So what about the millennials? Those that were born with a mobile phone in their hands? They showed a strong response to receiving physical mail and looked forward to checking their letterbox daily. At the other end of the scale – if you want to attract those over 65, well 45% of them don’t use the internet, so the best way to to grab their attention is through direct mail!

So if you want to expand your marketing efforts, and compliment your digital efforts traditional flyer distribution may be a great way to not only reach your target market but also connect and engage with them in a way that digital marketing fails to do.