Tips for Getting the Most from Old-Fashioned Letterbox Drops

May 28, 2021
Tips for Getting the Most from Old-Fashioned Letterbox Drops

Letterbox drops may seem old fashioned, but in actual fact, they’re more effective than ever. Follow our three top tips below to get the most out of your campaign.

Tip 1 – Get Your Design Right

When it comes to letterbox drops, you need to use flyers that have an outstanding design. They need to get attention and be easy to read and take action on. Sometimes when companies think about getting a householder’s attention, they make bad mistakes by using ugly fonts or too many clashing colours. If your letterbox drops and distribution company offers a design and printing service, that could save you a lot of time and hassle, plus it could result in more effective flyers and pamphlets. Don’t feel like you have to do everything all by yourself. When you get a professional outside eye on things, you can really reap the benefits.

Tip 2 – Choose a Well-Established Distributor

There are potential hazards not only in the design stage, but also in the distribution process. Make sure you always choose a well-established distributor who has the resources to carry out letterbox drops in any state or suburb of your choice. If a flyer arrives looking tattered in a householder’s letterbox, it just won’t have the same impact as a nice fresh flyer. Look for distributors for a letterbox drop in Adelaide or elsewhere that offer high levels of quality control, ensuring your flyers will arrive immaculate in letterboxes everywhere they’re distributed.

Tip 3 – Target Your Audience

Letterbox drops offer you the opportunity to target your intended audience in a very effective way. You can even choose to conduct letterbox drops and distribution interstate to reach new markets. To get the most out of your letterbox drop in Adelaide, consider if your business is tied to any particular geographical area which you should think about targeting. For example, you may choose your local suburb where your business headquarters is located as a starting point. This will increase the relevance of your flyer to people local to your business.

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