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Flyer Distribution in Taree

These days, with businesses of all sizes and types opting for advertising on the internet, you might think that the time-honoured flyer might be falling out of favour. However, this small piece of promotional paper still has an important place in the advertising world. While you might forget an internet ad a minute after you’ve closed your browser, flyers often stay with us longer – in our bags, our wallets and even stuck to our fridges. If you have a community event coming up or wish to promote your business with a coordinated letterbox drop in Taree, get in touch with the flyer distribution specialists at Letterbox Distributors Distribution Company.

How Our Flyer Distribution Works

Our process is crucial to the way we operate at Letterbox Distributors Distribution Company, enabling us to maintain a high level of quality control among our flyer distributors that keeps us positioned ahead of the pack. When we coordinate letterbox drops in Taree, we supply our deliverers with a number of flyers, with each suburb divided into manageable sectors whereby each person is allocated a specific area to distribute their flyers. They have three days to complete their letterbox drops, which we follow with a spot check to guarantee strict quality standards.

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