Introducing Darren Zorgdrager our new Account Co-ordinator

Feb 25, 2016
Introducing Darren Zorgdrager our new Account Co-ordinator

Introducing Darren Zorgdrager…. Darren has worked in the Royal Australian Airforce for 10 years and in the Australian Public Service for a further two as an Intelligence Analyst. Due his time in the air force, Darren has been trained to work with attention to detail and have excellent organisational skills. Darren also has good communication skills which have developed through dealing with internal and external stakeholders. Darren has the proven ability to communicate clearly, ensuring that information given on behalf of the team is accurate, timely and unambiguous. We beleive Darren will be a great asset to the business and also great for our clients to deal with. Commencing Monday, please welcome Darren to Letterbox Distributors.

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