Graphic Designer – Why You Need to Hire One!

Feb 25, 2018
Graphic Designer – Why You Need to Hire One!

When deciding to do a letterbox drop you need to factor in all of the costs. Often people focus on the cost of the printing and delivery. But one of the most important parts of a letterbox drop is the design of the flyer or marketing material. The success of your campaign is often a result of the quality of your flyer, ensuring that it stands out and has a compelling call to action. If you want great results you need to hire a graphic designer who can assist you in designing a flyer that will capture the attention of your target market in a way and give you the best opportunity of securing a return from your campaign.

Here are some reasons you need a graphic designer:

1. Saves Time

You might have decided to cut costs and do the flyer yourself. You might invest several hours sorting out some free software to do the layout yourself. It will take you longer than it would the designer and surely your time is better spent doing what you do best.

2. Consistent Branding

To portray a professional image your branding should remain consistent. Designers are great at ensuring that your colours, logo and fonts are consistently used. They can help your brand stand out from others.

3. Proofing

We have seen people design their own flyers, send it off to the printer to be printed only to find that some information is incorrect. Getting a professional designer adds an extra layer of support when it comes to proofing the work and ensuring that the finer details are correct.

4. Print Ready

Professional printers can’t just do a copy from a word document. They require print work to be print ready. This means that there are certain elements identified to ensure that the print looks like what you intended it to be. This can include the correct document size, colours set to CMYK, missing fonts or images, poor contrast between text and background and bleed lines to allow for cropping.

5. Saves Money

A designer can help you choose the right way to design a brochure that will keep printing costs to a minimum. The printer will also be able to work with the print file from a designer better than one you have created yourself in some free software and therefore won’t charge you extra to convert or change anything.

6. Stand Out

You are competing for the attention of your target market, but there are often other letters and flyers in the letterbox that you are competing with. A designer can help you grab your audiences attention and help you deliver your message and get the outcome you are wanting.