Promote Your Business by Advertising both Online and with Flyer Printing

Jan 3, 2017

When it comes to business, it’s important to cultivate a very distinct identity if you want to set yourself apart from the competition and remain memorable. You may choose to do this through the range of stock you supply, the design and decor of the store, and in the way you promote your business. The purpose of promotion is to reach as wide a number of potential customers as you can. For example, if you’re running a particular campaign, you can advertise it on your website and through your social media channels, but you also want to reach those people who don’t use social media or have access to the internet. That is where the traditional method of print advertising is still so valuable. Let’s find out why brochure or catalogue printing still has lasting appeal.

The Enduring Appeal of Brochure Printing

To those who still ponder the relevance of brochure or pamphlet printing in the highly digital 21st century, think about the many people who still prefer to own CDs rather than having an online music library, or those who aren’t ready to exchange their collection of books for an eBook reader. Like those two examples, there’s something appealing about the tangibility of flicking through a brochure or catalogue that isn’t quite matched by viewing a file online. By using online advertising combined with flyer printing, not only will you be covering all bases and reaching the widest number of people, but you can also increase your brand exposure significantly by getting your business out there across all platforms.

Why Pamphlet Printing Still Matters

Just as full colour, glossy brochure printing is still important in 2016, so too is the importance of pamphlet or flyer printing for those who might not be capable of fully embracing technological change. Pamphlet printing allows small businesses to approach customers within the local community through such means as letterbox drops or even by posting them on local noticeboards. While digital advertising can broaden your scope, flyer printing narrows the focus to your local community.

In summary, all forms of advertising – from flyer printing and pamphlet printing through to the finest of websites – help contribute to the overall creation and cultivation of a business’ identity. As long as there is demand for both digital and printed advertising materials, it makes sense to keep them all running. At Letterbox Distributors Distribution Company we’re here to help you make that happen with affordable flyer, brochure and pamphlet printing. Contact us today to learn more.