Smart Ways to Improve Your Letterbox Distribution Campaign

Mar 7, 2019
Smart Ways to Improve Your Letterbox Distribution Campaign

Are you looking to improve your letterbox distribution campaign? There are many ways to maximise the effectiveness of your mail advertising, such as offering discounts and free samples or complementing leaflets and brochures with robust social media campaigns. This blog post offers some tips to help you reach more people and improve engagement.

Be Willing to Alter Your Approach

Being flexible, versatile and adaptable will help you navigate challenges and overcome obstacles in reaching your target audience. Changing the text and title of your message can improve the appeal of your message. Meanwhile, trying different distribution periods such as prior to key “gifting” dates (ie Mother’s Day and Father’ Day) or school holidays, public holidays and different seasons can also make a big difference.

Don’t Use Just One Advertising Method

Letterbox drops can be highly effective, but you shouldn’t rely on them as your only method of communication. Sending out emails and SMS texts or using social media platforms are excellent methods for expanding the reach of your message. Just don’t bombard people or saturate your local area with advertisements, as this can have the opposite effect from what you’re trying to achieve.

Discounts and Free Samples

Discounts and free samples make people feel valued and help improve positive brand recall. Whether your new business wants to generate some much needed buzz or your existing business wants to get old customers back through the door, discounts and free samples can vastly improve the success of your letterbox campaign.

Tailor Your Message to Your Target Audience

You should tailor your message based on the age groups, interests and professions of your target audience. For example, younger people are much more likely to respond to letterbox campaigns about the latest technology than older people. By tailoring your tone and arguments to the perspective of your recipients, you can maximise the effectiveness of the overall message.

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