How Social Media Can Help Your Letterbox Campaign

May 15, 2018
How Social Media Can Help Your Letterbox Campaign

We find that people see digital marketing separate to the more traditional marketing methods such as letterbox marketing. They see the choice as an either/ or type question. However, we think that mixing a bit of the old with the new can only be a good thing. Using social media can be a powerful way to get more engagement and better cut through on your letterbox marketing. Here are a few ways that you can use the two together to get better results for your business.


Promote Social Media

Using your letterbox campaign to promote your social media can be a simple call to action and more accessible than trying to get them to purchase straight away. By directing them to your social media and asking them to follow you then you are keeping them and have the opportunity to market to them in the future. To get a greater response there should be an incentive to following you on social media such as a competition. This will create a sense of urgency (deadline for the competition) and create an incentive for them to follow you.


Use Social Media to promote the letterbox campaign

To really enhance the engagement with your letterbox campaign put a notice out on social media asking people to keep an eye out for the leaflet in the mail. Again, offer them an incentive such as ‘take a photo with you and the flyer and post to our Facebook page and then you can go in the draw to win a prize’. This will ensure that people are looking out for the flyer in their letterbox in anticipation. To ensure that you reach the people in the area in which the letterbox campaign in being delivered you can use Facebook groups, you don’t need any followers on you Facebook page to reach 1000’s of local people.

Every area has several local Facebook groups. These are often community pages or buy, swap and sell sites. Each of these has literally 1000’s of local people in them and they are very active. If you advertise in these groups a few days before your letterbox drop telling them to look out of it and offering a prize or incentive you can dramatically increase your reach and your conversion. Suddenly people are looking out for your flyer rather than it getting thrown out. It can completely change the mindset of your audience.


Social media is a powerful tool, but rather than choosing social media over traditional marketing methods you can combine them to make it even more powerful and capture even more people. We know that repetition is powerful in marketing, and using social media combined with the letterbox marketing can do just that because they see the social media ad and then they see the letterbox flyer.

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