Top 4 Ways For Your Flyer to Stand Out

Jun 11, 2018
Top 4 Ways For Your Flyer to Stand Out

We all want to stand out. When you are investing time and money into any marketing material you want it to convert. Unfortunately we are usually at the end of the chain and we only get involved when people have already designed and often printed their flyer and then want them distributed. But the success of your campaign is less about the distribution and more about the design. So here are our top 4 ways to improve your design and help your flyer stand out.

1. Unusual shape

Why are most brochures square or rectangle? Not because that works best from a design perspective. Unfortunately the reason is a bit more practical. It is often for packaging and printing cost reasons. However, while these practical considerations sometimes need to be adhered to, you can every now and then break from tradition and do something that stands out a bit more.

Adding a different shaped brochure can create a talking point and in some cases can add to the message that you are trying to send. When it comes to your letterbox the odd shape will help it stand out next to the neatly piled DL flyers and brochures.

2. Paper stock

Choosing the right paper stock can really make a difference. Often it is tempting to go with the cheapest. But paper stock can add to your design and overall presentation. There is a few things to consider. Firstly the thickness, this is often referred to as GSM. The higher the GSM the thicker the stock is and usually the more expensive it is. You also need to consider whether it is coated or uncoated. This affects the overall look and feel of the brochure. Coated papers have china clay or other kinds of coating applied to one or both sides. It then comes in a variety of smoothness such as matte, semi-matte or silk, and gloss. This can also affect how well photos are presented because on a coating the ink in the printer doesn’t get absorbed by the paper fibres but stays on top. This gives brighter colours and the paper a glossy finish.

3. Copy

Often we think more about the design and forget about the ‘words’ or copy as it is known in the marketing world. Having a brochure or flyer with great design can help you stand out, but it is the copy that converts that person into an enquiry or sale. Consider hiring a professional sales copywriter.

4. Sharp Shooter

Make sure you have great photos, good quality and ones that stand out. Don’t use stock photos that have been overused and appear in lots of brochures. Make sure you put a bit of money in the budget for buying more unique stock photos or have a professional photographer take photos of you and your products.

We are always happy to help you with design ideas. Make sure you give us a call before you do your next brochure and we can help you on a strategy that will convert into business.