How Magnet Printing Can Benefit Your Business

Sep 7, 2016
How Magnet Printing Can Benefit Your Business

How many magnets do you have on your fridge door? Most of us have at least a few, though many wouldn’t be able to give an exact number. While we might not really take notice of the number of magnets we have, we’re likely to pay attention to what’s on them – even if we don’t always realise it. Magnets are a staple of any home, making magnet printing a great way to promote your business, sports team or special interest community group.

The Advantages of Magnet Printing

There are numerous advantages of using magnet printing to increase your brand exposure and grow your business. These include:

  • They can be customised with any text, logo or image that communicates your business’ marketing message and contact details.
  • They can be cut to any size (business card size magnet printing is most common) or shape to stand out.
  • Magnets last a long time, which means your business contact details are always locatable.
  • They’re highly cost-effective to print in bulk quantities. The more you print, the cheaper they become per unit.
  • Magnet printing helps to drive sales and improve brand recognition.

Perfect for letterbox drops, show bags at trade shows and expos, and for giving away to existing and future customers and clients at your place of business, the return that you get from investing in magnet printing is sure to make the exercise worthwhile.

How You Can Benefit from Quality Magnet Printing

Whether you’re a takeaway food outlet, an emergency roadside assistance service provider, or a hair dresser, the benefits that can be gained from magnet printing are immeasurable. At Letterbox Distributors Distribution Company, we specialise in printing high-quality magnets of any size for businesses and other organisations in Australia.

We use the CMYK magnet printing process to provide you with unlimited colours. All magnets are laminated back and front with a UV coating, giving them added protection for years to come. Simply provide us with the details and image(s) you want printed on your magnets and we’ll produce and deliver them to you with a fast turnaround. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote.